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Peter Lindbergh: The End Of The Supermodel Era

Supermodels are practically extinct according to photographer Peter Lindbergh. Find out more here!

Supermodels peter lindbergh

Peter Lindbergh, well acclaimed photographer and visionary, according to none other than Karl Lagerfeld, Calvin Klein and Anna Wintour was the one who really started the “Supermodel phenomenon” in the nineties, but now says “There will never be anything like the era of the supermodel again,”

Lindbergh photographed the top models creating some of the most famous group shots with Cindy Crawford, Naomi Campbell, Christy Turlington and Linda Evangelista, but now claims we will never see that kind of talent among models today. He says even the original four “have lost their allure,

Peter explained how models today are there but bring nothing new saying “In the beginning those women were a revolution,” then adding “They had balls, they had brains, they put their hair back and wore no make-up, that was it… There were 10 faces ruling the world, but those 10 faces were eventually corrupted by the beauty and fashion industries. They lost all of that freshness, all of the independence, and simply became what the women in magazines had been before.

But it sounds as though Lindbergh has hope for a new supermodel era to emerge stating “Maybe now if the industry had had enough of all the current models and you could find the five most romantic new faces out there, that totally change our perspective of beauty, then maybe a new supermodel era could happen. Just maybe.

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