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The Old Face Of Juicy Couture: Pam & Gela

After selling Juicy Couture Pamela Skaist-Levy and Gela Nash-Taylor are back for more. Find out more about new label Pam & Gela here.

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Source: Pam & Gela

When Pamela Skaist-Levy and Gela Nash-Taylor created their first track suit together back in 1997, little did they know that a simple track suit made of terry cloth and velour would create a frenzy. With other designers following behind them, they would go on to call their new fashion venture Juicy Couture

The infamous track suit was made famous when both Skaist-Levy and Nash-Taylor, who is married to Duran Duran’s John Taylor, introduced the custom line to Madonna and from there history was made.

Celebrities alike such as Jennifer Lopez and Paris Hilton wore the track suits endorsing the line even further. Once the track suit had saturated the market and only a select few could afford a complete set, impostors were starting to hit the stores for those not able to afford one.

With the success of the track suit, Skaist-Levy and Nash-Taylor decided to sell the Juicy Couture name and brand in 2003 to Fifth & Pacific Companies, IncSince the sale of the brand and name, Juicy Couture has preserved the track suit style as a luxury item, but has not impressed many with their RTW collections such as pants, jeans and sweaters.

To many it seems the newfound design creativity has not been able to keep up with the ever evolving fashion market, with it clearly showing in their sales and stock share prices. Just last year Fifth & Pacific, Inc announced that they would sell Juicy Couture to Authentic Brands Group for $195 million.

As for the founders, in 2012 the duo decided to go back to their roots to design an unapologetically accessible collection of braggadocio day-to-night dresses in flattering cuts, shrug-on knitwear, cotton-cashmere blend sweatshirts and a variety of vaguely boho accessories. They’ve also returned with new styles of velour pants—much dressier than the old Juicy sweatpants, and designed with a way to flatter each woman.

With their new brand and designs launched in 2012, the design duo created the line with the name Skaist-Taylor, but have since then dropped the name and changed it to Pam & Gela with the launch of their spring 2014 RTW collection.

The spring 2014 collection is based around vintage-inspired sundresses and tops,  leather separates and a python biker jacket, studded tees, and sweatshirts, skirts, rompers and jumpsuits. Riddled with an old school flair, the duo have stayed true to their style with a laid-back, rock ‘n’ roll boho tone. True to the typical Los Angeles girl that frequents the streets of Sunset blvd and Melrose Ave.

We are so glad that this dynamic duo jumped right back into what has been missing since the famous Juicy girl left our view 11 years ago and has now returned to us with Pam & Gela for us to look forward to. The collection can be found at Bloomingdales, Revolve Clothing, Neiman Marcus, and ShopBop.For more information visit



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