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New Laws For Child Modelling In US

US introduces new laws to protect child models. Read more here!


On Wednesday, New York lawmakers voted unanimously to pass a law that recognizes models as child performers, this means models under the age of 18 have quite rightly been given the same protection actors, dancers, and musicians have had for years.

The new law means that employers are now required to provide a paediatric nurse, offer safety-based instruction and information to the models and their parents/guardians and there should be a chaperone and/or tutor on set for any model under 16.  In addition, a trust must be established by the child’s guardian which an employer must pay at least 15% of the model’s earnings into.

Former model Trish Goff, told the Model Alliance, “When I started modeling at 15, there were no provisions for on-set tutors and so I dropped out of school. Although I was one of the lucky ones who went on to a successful career as a model, as a child I should never have been forced to make that choice — between modeling and education.”

The new laws mean complications for businesses wanting to hire underage models last minute, more organisation and paperwork means they’re more likely to favour models aged 18+ in order to avoid breaking child labour laws and having a bad image projected onto their business.

What do you think of the new child modelling laws? Let us know below!

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