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Nasty Gal Goes Vintage

Find out here how Nasty Gal is making a vintage find a little bit easier…

 Nasty Gal & The Reformation

There’s a case of vintage doing the rounds at the moment and we LOVE IT! The only problem is that the vintage look can be pretty tricky to follow unless you’re lucky, as it seems to be (even with the growing number of stores selling the trend) an impossible find.

But where we were once going to extreme levels like robbing the elderly – yes, I’ve even raided my Nan’s wardrobe once – or crawling around in the dingy, far corner of the basement level of your local charity shop, trying to find those rare, one-off pieces, now are cutting out all the hard work and making our wardrobes easier to fill with the clothes made popular in those far gone times of our old folk’s youth.

Sophia Amoruso, founder of  Nasty Gal, started out by selling her vintage finds on the site and now vintage brand The Reformation and Nasty Gal have collaborated to make our lives so much simpler by selling their best old-school get-up online for everyone to buy.

Nasty Gal

It may not be the real deal, one-off, authentic vintage pieces but the collection offers a brilliant addition to your vintage wardrobe, from polkadot jumpsuits to white oxfords and cat-eye sunglasses, they’ve got it and at prices ranging from £10 – £120 you can be kitting yourself out in no time. And if model Sarah Stephens looks absolutely stunning in the retro-inspired outfits, why can’t we?

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