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Nasty Gal And The Bad Boss

Read all about Nasty Gal’s new reputation for the company; heading from Gal Boss to Bad Boss.

Source: Minx Society

This year has seen Nasty Gal rise above competitors, with the launch of a swimwear and denim line, and an announcing its intention to open brick-and-mortar stores, as well as hiring a new CFO.

However, with all the growth within the brand it seems to have one downfall – its staff.

According to a report by WWD; Nasty Gal laid off 20 employees from its technology and public relations departments last week, as part of a strategic shift to leave more of its PR work to outside agencies. Laying off 20 employees may not seem like much; however this is the third largest round of layoffs in 2014 – so far. WWD estimates that over the last year, Nasty Gal has reduced its staff base by 10 percent.

No rep for the company has commented.

Now, every story needs a bit more information; with thanks to Racked who was so kind to do a bit of digging after the news surfaced, had found some very unflattering employee reviews on Glassdoor, along the lines of favoritism, distance between Amoruso and her employees, and exceptionally low morale. Nasty Gal is currently still hiring employees for departments such as retail; the offline locations are still to be opened and any potential applicants should have a look.

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