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Modelling: The Not So Glamorous Life

For real insight on a model’s life, read Meredith’s story here.


We see the lives of supermodels Heidi Klum, Kate Moss and Gisele Bunchden and build an unrealistic image of how glamorous and exciting a modelling career must be. What the interviews,pictures and fashion shows don’t reveal is how these women worked their skinny asses off to get to the top of a not-so-perfect lifestyle.

In a short eye opening article written for Fashionista, model Meredith Hattam unveils the struggles of pursuing a modelling career in the Asian market. Working illegally on a tourist visa, she and her fellow models are complete slaves of their scouts and agencies. As most of these girl are at a pubescent age, growing is an uncontrollable force of nature.

For Meredith a gain of 3 cm means the diminution of allowances as well as basic nutrition. In order to ensure some sort of inflow of financial assistance, she must survive on boiled eggs to loose the 3 cm and probably stunt her natural growth.  In China especially where there is fine line between prostitution and modelling,  girls maybe asked to “work the after party” for around $1,650 a night. Refusal to entertain these Chinese businessmen would lead to termination of their contracts and to be left on the streets of a foreign country in search of help.

Read Meredith’s story on Fashionista.

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