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Minimum | Interview | May 2014

After lusting over Danish brand Minimum’s new spring/summer 2014 collection Hit the Floor had an exclusive interview with the brands designers. Here’s what female designer Anne Louise Faurholt and the male designer Henrik Lehn had to say.


After lusting over Minimum‘s new spring/summer 2014 collection Hit the Floor had an exclusive interview with the Danish brand. The brand has lines for both men and women and never fails to create on trend designs for each season. Minimum’s spring/summer 2014 clothing collection includes vibrant colours and patterns combined with clean cut clothing perfectly preparing our wardrobes for the new seasons. We interviewed the female designer Anne Louise Faurholt and the male designer Henrik Lehn. Here’s what they had to say.

HTF: How would you describe your brand aesthetic?

HL: Minimum is a Scandinavian brand with a central focus on simplicity and minimalism but with cool details from the hottest trends. Our collections are made from high quality fabrics at affordable prices.

HTF: Your men’s and women’s SS14 collections feature prints and vibrant patterns, what were your inspirations?

ALF: The inspiration for the female collection has derived from the world of diamonds and kaleidoscopes. The idea has been to create a funny yet mysterious universe based on the dimensions from these two elements.

HL: The interesting and exciting universe of the jungle has been the inspiration for the male collection. This inspiration has been important in connection to several styles where different jungle prints have been interpreted in order to give it a ‘Minimum finish’.

HTF: How has the brand evolved since the launch in 1997?

HL: Minimum launched a male line in 1997 and the idea from this point has been to design fashion to the modern man who likes to follow current trends. Meanwhile, the vision has also been to give customers clothing produced from high quality materials, but always at affordable prices. This philosophy is still one of the cornerstones in our collections.

Over the years, the collections have extended and appear yet more thoroughly prepared with perfect shapes and fitting. Additionally, we’ve also become even more aware of the different needs of the markets. Furthermore, it’s essential to maintain Minimum’s DNA, making us able to vouch for the products we create.

Our vision is to continue developing new concepts and be progressive in terms of new ideas. For the female spring collection 2014 we have for instance designed a line of cool leather bags and on the male side we’re at the moment working on a line of underwear, plus collaborations with different artists, but this is something that I can’t unveil yet. But look forward to it!


HTF: Sounds great! Minimum has seen a very positive reaction since the creation of its first clothing lines, launching it’s début male collection in 1999 and adding a female line in 2007. Did you expect such a strong response?

HL: We’ve always believed in our visions and followed our intuitions regarding the products that we believed to be the attractive ones. This has turned out to be the correct decision, which makes us even more proud of the positive feedback we receive from our customers.

To me it is a great feeling to see the fantastic Minimum presentations in shops all around the world, and it makes me happy when I see people in the streets wearing our brand. Clearly, this gives me a feeling of satisfaction and I get proud of the long way we’ve come.

HTF: So what inspired the start of Minimum? Did you see a gap in the market you thought you could fill?

HL: As mentioned before, we felt that the market needed a brand that was able to offer good quality fashion at affordable prices for the modern man.

HTF: For those looking to work in the industry and need some tips on where to start, what has been the most successful marketing outlet for your brand?

HL: During the last couple of years I think a lot have happened in this respect, but if I’ve to mention one specific country it must be Germany – they’ve really shown positive responses.

HTF: Who would you like to see wear your brand?

HL: It of course always gives a fantastic exposure when well-known people wear our brand, but this is not the most important thing to me. The most important thing is that people choose our clothing because they think it’s cool.


HTF: In that case who do you consider the Minimum man and woman?

HL/ALF: The Minimum man and woman are interested in the latest trends and it’s important that they have the feeling of being trendy. They look for easy wearable wardrobe essentials that fit the season but can last forever.

HTF: What are your personal rules for dressing?

ALF: Keep it simple! I get so many impressions on a daily basis, so I always keep it simple, but of course still with attention to cool details.

HL: Personally, I always choose the classic look, but preferably with a twist. When you, like me, constantly is filled with new impressions, it makes sense to me to be more low-key as a private person.

HTF: Where would you like to see your brand in five years time? Are there any plans to open another store?

HL: With the response we’re getting for the time being, I think that we in the next few years will experience an extensive expansion. It’s not unlikely that there later on will be established a Minimum shop, or maybe more, who knows!

HTF: Do you have any advice for any entrepreneurs looking to start a business?

HL: Faith and not at least persistency are important elements. Meanwhile you also have to avoid making things too complicated, but with a great insight, thoroughly prepared products and a little common sense the possibilities are numerous.

To find out more about the Danish brand visit their website at

Interviewer: Alexzandra Hopwood

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