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L’Oreal Joins Chinese Beauty Market After Pulling Out Their Own Brand

L’Oreal join other Chinese beauty manufacturer while competition in the beauty market gets too fierce! More here.

Source: Fashionista

Beauty company L’Oreal it seems are joining another beauty company in China after pulling out their own brands. The beauty market is tough in China with so many other brands emerging and quickly becoming successful, the competition is out there.

Just recently, Revlon followed in the footsteps of L’Oreals skincare brand Garnier, who took themselves off the Chinese beauty market, and have pulled out of the country completely. Clearly the competition for these worldwide brands is becoming too fierce.

However for L’Oreal, instead of leaving the country’s markets like Revlon they have instead joined forces with Magic Holdings, a Chinese company that produces a unique concept for facial masks. Instead of the stuff you get out of a tube, Magic Holdings focus on making wet paper masks that peel off, so no more mess!

These new face mask concepts are quickly growing and becoming more popular, with Magic Holding’s being the top brand to produce them, so a wise choice on L’Oreals part, keeping themselves at the top.

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