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KENZO Announce Launch Of Kalifornia Bag Next Generation

KENZO have announced the arrival for the next generation of the Kalifornia bag!

Source: KENZO

Source: KENZO

Fashion house KENZO announced the arrival of the next generation Kalifornia handbag. The handbag is a timeless piece in the Kenzo collection and makes a valuable addition to any ones outfit.

KENZO was originally founded in Paris and the fashion house still holds their Parisian heritage in their pieces. However from the two creative directors Carol and Humberto who are both from LA, the westcoast influence definitely comes through in this new collection.

The bag has so many useful and stylish features with the signature ‘K’ zip details on both sides. Kalifornia is a perfect example to project Kenzo’s ‘fresh attitude’ which is joined with a relaxed style ‘blending Kenzo’s French atelier craftsmanship with Humberto and Carol’s pacific coast nonchalance.

Check out their collection via the website at

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