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Kendall Jenner Graces LOVE Magazine With Her First Ever Major Cover

Up-and-coming model Kendall Jenner has just landed her first major cover for LOVE magazine. Dressed with not much on, Jenner looks stunning in the sultry shoot.

Up-and-coming model Kendall Jenner is getting bigger by the minute, and long gone are the days when she was just known as being Kim Kardashian’s little sister. Jenner has made a name for herself, and her CV is listed with many achievements after her runway debut for Marc Jacobs, as well as walking for Givenchy and Chanel.

Now she’s covering LOVE magazine with a rather racy shoot. Jenner is featured topless with nothing but a Fendi fur hat. Very sultry indeed.


Jenner told E!, “I was really happy with it. It was a fun shoot to do and it’s nice when you absolutely just love something. To be honest, this is exactly what I wanted to be. I was always looking up to supermodels; they were, like, my superheroes.

Mario Sorrenti photographed the shoot, which Jenner was pleased about, ‘I’d never worked with Mario Sorrenti, with whom I’d wanted to shoot nudes ever since that Kate Moss Calvin image of her nude on a sofa.’ 

‘Kendall is not only one of our cover stars, but one of the breakthrough faces of the season, who I loved so much that I asked her to model in three of our stories this issue,‘ said Katie GrandLOVE‘s Editor-in Chief.

[She’s] one of those giraffe phenomena’s who walk in and look they were drawn that way” Grand told Grazia Daily.  She’s “unique in wanting to turn her back on celebrity when it comes to modeling… she wants to be taken seriously just like the rest of them”

After this shoot, something tells me you won’t have much of a problem there, Kendall Jenner.

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