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Kanye West Exposes Fan Over Fake Sneakers

Fan knocked down by Kanye West for his fake replica of fashion design. Yeezus! Find out more here.

Source: Kim Kardashian Instagram

Rapper and fashion designer, Kanye West stunned one (un)lucky fan this week when he pointed out that the sneakers he presented to the rapper to sign were in fact a fake replica of his original design.

In a video posted by Dodoallover, Kanye West emerges to a crowded street in Paris, to be approached by a fan to sign his sneakers – Red Octobers as designed by the rapper for Nike. West kindly obliges, while informing that the Air Yeezy’s are fake. Kanye is heard stating: “These are not real, though,” he says with a smile, before repeating; “These are not real. It’s fine, though.”

With authentic sneakers selling out in 10 minutes upon their release this year, and surfacing on Ebay later to an extortionate cost of around ten million pounds, can you blame the ardent fan for owning a replica…?

See how the action played out, here:

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