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Japanese Brand Zoo Jeans Feature Jeans Ripped By Lions, Tigers and Bears

Japanese brand Zoo Jeans has created an incredible unique way to create ripped jeans, designed by dangerous animals themselves! Check it out here!



Japanese brand, Zoo Jeans features a unique way to create ripped jeans, they are designed by dangerous animals! This incredible method involves, wrapping the animals favourite play things such as tires, logs of wood and rubber balls in sheets of denim then the animals do the rest. They will gnaw and claw at the toys and the damaged denim is gathered and it is this fabric that is used to create these amazing jeans.

Four styles of jeans have been created the T1 (designed by Tiger), L 1&2 (designed by Lions) and B1 (designed by Bears). Each pair consists of rips and frays made by the animals themselves. Zoo Jeans is compromised of local zoo supporters and all proceedings of the sale go to Kamine Zoo to benefit the animals and the World Wildlife Fund. If you want to grab a pair the jeans the jeans will be auctioned off to the highest bidder starting this week on Japan’s Yahoo Auction.

Watch the video below to see the making of these jeans:

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