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Interview: Amy Valentine (HTF Exclusive Fashion Interview)

Blogger Amy from Amy Valentine shares her fashion, music and blogging inspiration with us! Check out her interview here!


After lusting over each and every outfit that blogger Amy from Amy Valentine blogs about, we thought it was about time to catch up with the pink-haired beauty to talk all things fashion, music and blog related. Once you have finished reading the interview, make sure you check out Amy’s blog!

HTF: How long have you been blogging and what made you start a blog?

A: I’ve been blogging for a bit over two years now, doesn’t feel like that long though!  I actually used to run a jewellery business and made a blog for that, then discovered personal blogs and wanted to start one of my own – so I did!

HTF: We absolutely love your style! How would you describe your style, and is there someone you look up to for inspiration?

A: I’d say my style hints at masculine grunge but I always find a way to add a feminine touch.  I don’t have any particular fashion icons, I get a lot of my style inspiration from other bloggers.

Amy Valentine outfits 2

HTF: Who is your favourite designer/brand and why?

A: One of my most favourite brands is Ashish, because of their incredible ‘out there’ designs with such intricate detail – although their stuff is a little out of my price range!  Most of my clothes are from Topshop, Urban Outfitters and Primark, but I like to charity shop when I can, and eBay is great for cheap clothes!

HTF: Which is that one item in your wardrobe that you can’t live without?

A:  It’s hard to name one particular item as a favourite – I’d probably have to say my creepers as, although they’ve had their day and everyone and their mum now has a pair, mine have lasted me over 2 years now and are still going strong after being worn pretty much every day!

HTF: What’s on your current wishlist?

A: UNIF and Jeffrey Campbell items are always on my wishlist, but at the moment I am seriously obsessed with the oil slick shoes by To Be Announced!

Amy Valentine outfits 1

HTF: As well as fashion, you seem to be a massive fan of music. Do you think the two go hand in hand nowadays?

A: Music is a huge part of my life and I’d say it definitely influences my style choices.  My outfits can often be a little unpredictable, with dark lipstick and spiky shoes one day then floral crowns and pastel skirts the next – this is down to my mood, which in turn may be controlled by the music I’ve been listening to, as I’m very adventurous – sticking to one music genre is way too boring!

HTF: What are some of your favourite bands/musicians?

A: My favourite bands and artists include Bring Me The Horizon, Sleeping with Sirens, Of Mice and Men, While She Sleeps and Brand New, to name a fee.  But truth be told I’ve been a bit obsessed with Queen lately!

HTF: What advice would you give to those who want to start their own blog?

A: My advice would be to work hard – it’s tough starting a blog but it can be done – keep layout minimalistic with simple colours and take photos in natural light – you don’t need a pro camera to be a good blogger!

HTF: Finally, what blogs would you recommend our readers to check out?

A: Some of my favourite blogs include: I Hate Blonde, Effiesmakeupbox, Waiste and Glam, but there are so many more that I love!

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