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Instagram User Calls Out Rappers With Fake Watches

Anonymous instagram user FakeWatchBusta has been calling out rappers, including Future and Rick Ross, wearing fake high-end watches on his account.

There is a vigilante on the loose and he’s using Instagram to embarrass the criminals online. The user, called FakeWatchBusta, has took it upon himself to call out rappers wearing fake watches (the clue is in the name) and post images of it on his account.

He has a keen eye for detail, spotting these fake high-end watches where no one else would even question the authenticity of the pieces worn by stars including Soulja Boy, Rick Ross, Sean Kinsgston and Future.

It is a subject he is clearly passionate about and has stuck with it despite several set backs, from accounts being deleted to legal threats from the people he’s annoyed, if FakeWatchBusta is on your case then there’s nothing you can do about it.

The anonymous user has been giving interviews but is very careful not to reveal too much about his identity. He said in a recent interview with Noisey:

“The threat of lawsuits are starting to pile up from the jewelers selling these fake watches. I get a cease and desist letter almost once a week. Instagram shut down my first account after I busted Carmelo Anthony with a fake Audemars Piguet and a fake Panerai. He is clean now but there was a lot of drama with his sponsors after I exposed his replicas.”

It’s obvious he sees himself as a guy just trying to keep everyone safe from fake high-end watches. Apart from the people he’s embarrassing (who are doing it to themselves, really) and the people who make the fakes (who definitely don’t deserve to be protected), then there is no harm in what he’s doing. In fact, we find it quite amusing, bringing down these fake watch wearing people on his popular Instagram account. Keep it up FakeWatchBusta, kudos!

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