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This Is What Happens When Cara Delevingne Tags You On Instagram!

Cara Delevingne caused havoc for her friend Jalen Dominique’s phone when she tagged him in a picture on her Instagram.

Source: Cara Delevigne Instagram

Jalen Dominique was hurled into an Instagram frenzy this week when he was tagged in a picture by Cara Delevingne. The two models were hanging out on a shoot after he was scouted on Instagram to appear in the campaign for Cara’s DKNY collection. He is one of six new faces appearing in the campaign which was shot in the same location where Beyonce shot the ‘Yonce’ visuals. Cara uploaded an image of herself and Jalen with the caption: “Introducing @jalenthealien #CARAD4DKNY #carawantsyou @donnakarandkny”.

Cara currently has nearly 6 million followers on Instagram so it wasn’t long before the ‘likes’, comments and new followers started appearing in Jalen’s notifications. His phone was going off non-stop as more and more people viewed the photo, it’s a surprise his phone didn’t blow up with all the activity it had to keep track of. Cara made a video, recording Jalen’s screen after she posted the picture. It’s safe to say his phone was going crazy and it probably wasn’t long before it couldn’t cope and the battery drained.

The photo now has 180,000 likes, we hope Jalen turned his notifications off!

Despite having a broken phone, Jalen described the experience as a ‘dream‘.

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