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Great News For Plus-Size Clothing

What do these latest consumer figures mean for plus-size clothing?


A report from the NPD Group has highlighted a growth in sales of plus-size clothing by 5 per cent and sales of $17.5 billion from April 2013 to April 2014. An impressive figure considering the fashion industry is repeatedly criticised for having a lacklustre attitude towards supporting plus-size clothing, as well as promoting trendy and stylish fashion in curvier sizes.

The rise is mainly due to the popularity of plus-size brands such as Eloquii and Lane Bryant, as well as an exploration and awareness for adapting catwalk trends into workable fashions. The most significant figures were in the rise of sales within the 18-24 age group soared since April 2012, from $850 million to $1.1 billion.

Such high figures are clear indication that the fashion industry needs to take note of what’s in demand from the consumer and dedicate more attention to plus-size fashion designing. More interestingly however, with the fashion industry defining ‘plus-size’ as anywhere above a size 12, these figures serve more to the average shape and size than merely a minority size.

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