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It Girls Are Fashions Biggest Asset

Source: Nails Inc

Source: Nails Inc

There seems to be a growing invasion of ‘It’ girls across the fashion spectrum. Double takes and head turns are more frequent along with the phrase, ‘who is that?’ in the fashion world with more of these beautiful ladies showing up. We’re not just talking models, they’re ladies from all over, with musicians, artists, TV presenters etc are the new faces of fashion.

Lets take a look back to when Alexa Chung entered the scene, she was new, fresh and exciting with an incredible sense of style we all still copy and adore. We could say she is the pioneer of ‘It’ girls. Next Models were really the ones to get things going in the new direction, Katy Moseley, the director of public relations at Next says “It’s so blindingly obvious to us when someone has ‘It,’” adding “As soon as we meet them — they’re talented, so chic, so beautiful. They’re super cool. It’s a no-brainer. Clients love them when we present them.”

Alexa of course is one of the best known name and face in the fashion world having done so much from writing for Vogue, being the covergirl, publishing her book etc, but to begin with none of us really knew who she was or what she did, which like many of the ‘It’ girls now is very much the case, but why does it matter?

Creative Director of Next Models, Sarah Leon explains “It was hard for people to understand [Chung]. She wasn’t an actress or a model, but she is really beautiful, has incredible style, writes for Vogue and is super creative. Why does she have to fit a particular pigeonhole or role? What she has is not a tangible thing.

So the It girls of today, follow in these footsteps with incredible personalities and influential sense of style, which we can all agree is much more important than just a pretty face.

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