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Felicity Hayward Takes The Modelling World By Storm

Plus size model Felicity Hayward is fit to conquer the modelling world. Find out more here!


Meet Felicity Hayward, star in the making of plus size modelling. She’s confident in her own skin, has a beautiful face and fun personality. She’s the whole package, and it won’t be long till we see more and more plus size models popping up in the modelling world. The size-18 model even said “I would never change for anyone, I’m a good representation of the average British woman.” And she isn’t too wrong there, with size-16 being the average women’s dress size.

Hayward was the first plus size model to be signed by Storm, after she had done a photo shoot by Miles Aldridge. Felicity said she was spotted by Richard Mortimer, founder of Ponystep who approached her saying “You remind me of Anna Nicole Smith, you’re big and blonde – lets photograph you as Anna.” Which of course she never knew would be with Miles Aldridge.

Felicity Hayward milk

Talking about the shoot, Hayward said, “There were security guards there to protect all the diamonds. It’s the only shoot that he’s [Aldridge] ever done with a plus-size model. It’s a big deal, no pun intended. It was the Miles picture that started it all.

So what is it about Felicity Hayward that’s so infectious? We already know the camera loves her, but maybe she’s so admirable from how relaxed and mellow she can be, saying “Anyone can get their arse in a certain dress. Just because I’m bigger, it doesn’t mean I hate skinny girls. Numbers don’t matter.

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