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Fashion Marine Fest 2014

Does getting information from fashion industry insiders while working on your tan sound good? Then check out the Fashion Marine Fest 2014!

Fashion Marine Fest 2014 logo

Source: Fashion Marine Fest

If you’re into working on your tan while getting inside access to fashion industry tips and tricks from the people who know it best then Fashion Marine Fest is undoubtedly your jam.

The international contest fest for designers, make-up artists, hair dressers, stylists, models and photographers will be held in Greece June 13th-20th, which means you’ll finally have a reason to pull out those cute summer dresses that are a little too fancy for a rowdy Coachella weekend, but also don’t get nearly enough air time during the UK (bummer) summer. The itinerary of your fashion packed week will feature workshops and lectures on topics such as design, PR, marketing, branding and communicating with press. As your guides, and as judges on the award side of this impressively comprehensive event, you’ll find London-based blogger Leroy Dawkins, from the Diary of a Clotheshorse, award-winning womens’ wear designer Natalie B Coleman and the director of London’s Caption PR, Daniel Dunt.

We’re very excited about this fabulously fashionable week under the sun!

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