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Fashion Blogger Admits To Photoshopping

This brave fashion blogger shows us it’s ok to show your flaws by admitting she’s Photoshopped a few of her images.

Society today seems to teach us that revealing our true flaws in our photos, is undesirable and that is mainly due print publications airbrushing their images.  We see across photos in magazines and social media sites of seemingly perfect models, but we forget it’s highly impossible for anyone to look that perfect in person right?

Well, yes, it is. In a recent article inside Marie Claire, fashion blogger Dana Suchow, who runs the blog, Do The Hot Pants, revealed a secret: she’s been Photoshopping some of the images that appear on her website.

Although it isn’t a huge amount, just four of the many images that have appeared on the bloggers site in the past. But now, Suchow says that she felt she had to be transparent with her readers about the images she played around with. With that being said, the changes she made to the images aren’t  noticeable at first sight, but looking closer at them, next to the untouched images, you’ll see the minor corrections.

Suchow is not the only one that has insecurities with certain parts of her face or body and by putting her flaws out there for thousands of people to see is not only a challenge but brave. It’s just a reminder that we’re not perfect in anyway and no matter how hard it may be, we must learn to embrace or accept it. The full article can be found at MarieClaire.

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