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Dressed To Kill – Gig Style Spotter

The first edition of HTF Dressed To Kill, Gig Style Stealer! Real music, real fashion all from you! Check out what the gig goers of Orange and New Riot were wearing!

Welcome to the first of Dressed to Kill featuring YOU! We took to the Islington Academy to watch the incredible punk rockers Orange and ska sensation New Riot and whilst we were there some especially stylish sexy audience members that caught our eye! Check them out below and let us know what you think of their fashion……….

The gorgeous Lois.

Our first gorgeous Dressed to Kill girl is the fabulously named Lois. Who can resist a girl in a leather jacket with red lips? Her cowgirl western shirt is vintage and her purple platforms are from highstreet shop Office. Lois says all HTF readers should check out the band Romance!

Jamie’s all about the Rock n Roll!

Next we have the very cool, sauve Jamie. We suspect he may have posed for pictures before, a total natural and with every reason! HTF LOVED his layering of leather, leopard print and white denim. His favourite band of the moment is Wolfmother. He doesn’t have any particular music icon to base his look on but gives his own twist to the rock look! Having just come off tour with The Cult the southern rock look stems highly from there.

Fierce Miss Rose

The fabulous Angel Rose, sister to Joe Dexter lead singer of Orange, doesn’t base her style on anyone on the current music scene but draws inspiration from 80’s icons like Siouxsie Sioux and Robert Smith. Obviously Angel says to check out the band Orange and also has a love for Romance! Her all-time favourite bands include The Birthday Party and HTF‘s fave Lady Gaga. If you fancy stealing her chicken bone accessory idea… simply head down to KFC! Yum.

Sauve Simon

Simon says he doesn’t really base his style on any musician in particular it’s all about expressing himself. Bands to look out for according to him are Hearts Under Fire and a band called My Passion not only for their music but for their style too!


Molly looks fabulous with her fan and fur.

You perhaps wouldnt have guessed it but Molly like to base her style on Ricky Martin! It all stemmed from when she saw him in concert at the age of 11… describing the gig as a religious experience! So it’s no wonder Molly was upset when she found out he was gay. She also stated “I’m really into Adam Ant and love people like Greta Garbo and that kind of era, it really influences my style!” The band she thinks that HTF readers should look out for are of course the much mentioned Romance.

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