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NASA Developing Clothes That Don’t Smell!

NASA try and solve the problem of smelly astronauts! Read more here.

Source: NASA

Source: NASA

Apparently NASA are having some trouble with the old laundry. The astronauts normally toss out their laundry into the Earth’s atmosphere where it burns into dust and by doing so it pollutes the galaxy. This has prompted NASA to test out new clothing that should hopefully let the astronauts wear their outfits longer on the spaceships.

By NASA working to help the amount of waste that goes into space, it will also help reduce the amount of stench on the spaceships as well. A crew of six aboard the International Space Station burns up to 900 pounds of clothing a year.

NASA has sent new workout clothing, supplied with an antimicrobial compound, to be put to the test. The astronauts will work out in the clothes and then assess the smell afterwards. If it goes well we may even see odor-eliminating clothing in our stores in the future.

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