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Diamante | Interview | September 2014

Source: Diamante

Source: Diamante

There is a new rock chick on the scene going by the name Diamante! She has killer style and brilliantly unique voice, giving what she’s got to the rock world. At just 17 years old Diamante has already made quite the impact not only with her music and cover of Nirvada’s Smells Like Teen Spirit, but her impeccable taste in fashion too. Compared to the likes of Taylor Momson, Diamante certainly has taken a leaf out of her book and is doing it the right way. With such a fun loving personality and that platinum blonde hair it really is no wonder Diamante has already been voted Hottest Chick in Hard Rock by Revolver Magazine.

As the new girl on the block, Diamante is doing incredibly well for herself so far and we hope to see her continue in this direction, and without further a do here is what she had to say.

HTF: Firstly, as you’re new to the music scene, could you tell us all a little about yourself?

Diamante: I’m Diamante! I was born here in California, but I grew up in Boston. I’ve been singing ever since I could, and I really got into performing through musical theater. In 2009 I came out to LA. I’ve been writing, recording, and performing rock music ever since!

HTF: You have great sense in style, so how would you describe your look, and do you take any inspiration from anyone?

Diamante: Thanks! My look now is honestly whatever I feel makes me look best and makes me feel most confident. I tend to wear edgy clothing; leather and spikes are a must. I also wear a ton of black because black always looks awesome. Taylor Momsen and Cara Delevingne are some my favorite style inspirations.

HTF: At 17 you have done incredibly well getting into the music industry, what made you want to start?

Diamante: A mixture of my passion for music and my desire to live an extraordinary life. I really can’t picture myself dedicating my life to anything else but music. Or if I were to do something else, it would have to be something really epic like space exploration.

HTF: For Revolvers September issue you’re the Hottest Chick In Hard Rock, which is pretty awesome! What was your reaction to that?

Diamante: I was so stoked! And flattered of course. It’s a great feeling to be seen as an artist in hard rock, especially by Revolver because they are as legit as it gets.

HTF: To add to the good news, you have some upcoming shows with Drake Bell. Can you tell us a little more about that?

Diamante: The next show is going to be on Sept. 5 at the Epicentre in San Diego. Tickets are being sold online and the link can be found on my social media!

HTF: Going back to your personal style, what is your favourite wardrobe item that completes the look?

Diamante: Right now it has to be a black leather jacket I got from Zara. It’s light and fitted, so it looks really badass on any outfit I have on.

HTF: There have been a few women in music who have then gone in fashion. Having already made your mark with your own style, do you think the fashion industry is for you too?

Diamante: Definitely! I would really love to get my own line going in the future and design my own stuff. Fashion has never been my strong point, especially because I grew up being a complete tomboy and never caring about what I had on… but I’m learning and getting more in touch with fashion as I get older.

Take a look at her cover video here and click over to see her website.

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