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Cosmetic Surgery on the Red Carpet: Read Between the Lines

What is the influence of cosmetic surgery on celebrities? Especially with big events such as the Oscars.


Million Dollar Cosmetic Surgery Babies

So you tuned into the Academy Awards and gawked at the stars as they swished and swayed their way down the red carpet in their million dollar outfits and literally million dollar jewellery. While you might be interested in seeing who took home the coveted Oscar gold statuette, you’re just as interested in both what the nominees are wearing and looking to see whether the celebs have had any cosmetic work done for the big night.

Positively Glowing

Celebrities always look their best when they strut down the red carpet. Their fresh, healthy and suspiciously youthful-looking faces beam as they stop to chat to fashion and entertainment reporters from around the globe. As they talked at this year’s Oscars, you noted that their makeup was flawless and their hair didn’t move an inch. You may also wondered how these stars have managed to have such glowing skin and such smooth faces. How do they manage to look so young when their driving licences tell a very different story?

Timing Is Everything

Well, what they’re going to wear isn’t the only thing celebrities choose months ahead of the red carpet ride.  Getting red-carpet ready actually means an increase in business for the top cosmetic surgeons in Hollywood.

So what are the type of plastic procedures that stars take on when they’re preparing for their Oscar close-up? The more advance notice the nominees have, the more cosmetic surgery options they have. Stars sometimes opt for more complex plastic surgeries such as brow lifts, eyelid surgeries or facelifts in an attempt to bathe in the Hollywood fountain of youth. Or for those of a chubbier physique desperate to fit into that figure-hugging dress, laser liposuction is sometimes used to zap some of that inconvenient fat off.

Smoothing Those Worry Lines

There’s no magical secret to how celebrity faces glow in the sunlight of Los Angeles at Oscar time. It’s no wonder as celebrities queue up to have chemical peels to make their skin look bright and clear for the big event. The smooth lines on their faces aren’t just due to the fabulous lifestyle and their relative lack of worries, they’ve probably also had some dermal fillers to smooth their way down the red carpet. The two most popular fillers to help erase facial worry lines are apparently Botox and Dysport.

The lips of the stars aren’t pouting because of their gigantic egos, well at least not entirely. To add pop to the appearance of their lips, celebrities plump for hyaluronic acid-based fillers such as Restylane or Juvederm. These fillers can result in bruising or swelling so appointments will be made for the top cosmetic surgeons a few weeks in advance of events like the Oscars.

Walk Those Lines

After this year’s Oscars, however, the talk was less about who had what nipped but more about the visible wrinkles on the face of best actress nominee, Reese Witherspoon.

Despite her involvement in the #AskHerMore campaign which encouraged red carpet reporters to ask female celebrities, more meaningful questions than “What are you wearing?”, the Twitterati found Witherspoon’s forehead far more diverting.

Opinion was split on whether Witherspoon was in between Botox appointments or whether the obvious wrinkles on her forehead were in fact natural age lines. Witherspoon has always denied having any cosmetic surgery while at the same time supporting the choices of other actresses to have surgery. For example, she was very vocal in defending fellow actress Renee Zellweger after her appearance on a red carpet last November with a very new and very artificial look.

Strangely, as much as it seems everyone is hopping on cosmetic band-wagon, it seems that the not so great jobs may now even be putting people off with the amount of surgeries in the UK, for example, actually dropping by 10% in 2014.

Industry expert, Mike Saul of Cosmetic Surgery Solicitors, stated, “It is encouraging to see evidence that may indicate men and women are more thoroughly researching the potential risks of their desired procedures. Ultimately, the decision to undergo cosmetic surgery needs careful consideration and should not be affected by the media’s portrayal of current industry trends.”

Let’s hope people start to learn that natural beauty is the way forward before the Oscars end up making an award for “Best Surgery”.

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