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Controversial Terry Richardson Fashion Ads Given Role Reversal!

What if the table were turned on men for some of the most controversial ad campaigns in fashion?

Source: Take Part (Illustrated by Lauren Wade)

Writer Holly Eagleson and photo editor Lauren Wade have created a series of images using controversial photos taken by Terry Richardson. The two woman wanted to see what the iconic brand ads might look like if guys were in the hot seat instead of women for an essay assignment on sexism and the objectification of women in fashion ad campaigns. Richardson has done adverts in the past for companies such as American Apparel, Marc Jacobs, and Tom Ford’s to name a few.

The ads aren’t meant to take away from the seriousness of exploiting sexuality to sell clothes, but are a bit comical. Hopefully with women such as Eagleson and Wade creating a stir in the ad industry, this will lead to a change in the way ad campaigns are created.

Scroll through to see more photos.

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