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Coca-Cola Are The New Big Players In Fashion

Coca-Cola have collaborated with the world of high-fashion, with Marc Jacobs and Ashish endorsing the brand. Now they’re set for bigger and better things with an OPI nail varnish collection. Read more here.

Source: Diet Coke

We’ve all seen product placement and endorsements in film and TV, but it appears that the fashion world wants in on the game too.

Kate Dwyer, head of Coca-Cola’s global licensing is responsible for the brands move into high-fashion collaborations. “Teens and young adults spend twice as much on fashion than any other product category” explains Dwyer, justifying their collaboration with the high end market.

Due to the subtlety, you may not have even realised when the brand was being endorsed. A stripe of the brands iconic logo was subtly featured on a jumper at Marc Jacobs S/S ’14, whilst bright logos upon various sequined tops for both men and women stood out at the Ashish S/S ’14 show. Furthermore vintage pieces were reworked with Coca-Cola patches for Opening Ceremony.

Source: Marc Jacobs For Diet Coke

The move to work with Marc Jacobs is especially important as this is not Jacobs first collaboration with beverage brand, last year he designed a limited edition cans and bottle for the brand that were exceptionally popular.

On the more blatant side of branding, from June 2014, a collection of nail varnish colours for OPI will be released. Although ‘Coca-Cola Red’ appears to be the only shade that directly references the brand, the sets take inspiration from other Coca-Cola company drinks such as Sprite, Fanta and Coke varieties such as Cherry and Vanilla.

So it seems even the creative and some times revolutionary world of fashion could not escape the grip of corporate branding, but if the clothes look cool (which they definitely do) then well, who’s complaining?

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