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Cara Delevingne’s Eyebrows Can Groom Themselves

Model Cara Delevingne says her signature eyebrows groom themselves!

Source: Fashionista

Source: Fashionista

Cara Delevingne is adored by many, she’s that quirky, funny model who we all wish we knew…but we don’t. Cara was leaving JFK airport this week when she finally let loose the secret behind those beautifully kempt eyebrows! She was hit by some brutally deep questions like “how do you maintain you “magnificent” eyebrows?” What’s her secret eyebrow routine…we’re all dying to know…

And the reply couldn’t have been better. A genuine Cara answer “Umm…they maintain themselves. They groom themselves…they’re like a cat that licks her own fur.” Yep, we didn’t expect any more than that. A perfect response to a question like that!

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