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Brusselkale: The New Most Fashionable Superfood

If it tastes as gruesome as it sounds, is it worth the hype?

Beauty boffins and health fanatics are going wild for a new hybrid vegetable to hit supermarkets this autumn. Fondly titled ‘brusselkale’, the vegetable is the ‘fruit’ of 15 years labour and traditional crop breeding of Kale and Brussels Sprouts to create a ‘fusion of sweet and nutty.

Lovers of organic produce and super foods will be pleased to know the vegetable is free from genetic modification, as kale and brussels sprouts both derive from the cabbage family, meaning a little help of cross-pollination over time was enough to create this quirky hybrid.

While hybrid fruits and vegetables aren’t a new thing, with broccolini, the pluot, and the tangelo having had their time in the spotlight, brusselkale might be the real deal. With kale already a firm favourite for it’s vitamin fuelled properties, all that’s needed is for brussels sprouts to raise in the popularity stakes. Still, by the time this superfood reaches supermarkets, it will almost be time to start accepting the sprout in Christmas cheer.

So by the time Autumn comes around, voila! – models and celebrities will be hyped over brusselkale like it’s the best thing since, er – sliced bread.

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