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Black Milk’s Disney Collection

Black Milk Clothing are set to launch a new collection with Disney. It’s your childhood favourites spun into clothes. Get the low-down here.

Source: Black Milk Clothing

The time has come, Black Milk clothing are set to release their first Disney licensed collection, entitled “Princesses and Villains”. The collection will launch on the 29th of July, at nine am, so be ready – the pieces are sure to fly out and into the hands of Disney fanatics everywhere, with the collection featuring the most iconic characters from Disney films.

From Snow White to The Little Mermaid, to the ever-magical Alice in Wonderland, the collection covers a huge range of the childhood favourites, translated into wearable depictions of the tales that has had the world hypnotised with delight for years.

The collection has been made in Australia and has a dash of the company’s signature with some printed and designer pieces in bold “Black Milk” style. The full collection can be seen on Pinterest and is definitely a visual burst of joy. The transportation into childhood memories transfixed by Disney characters has been spun into leggings, tops, dresses and jackets. Some pieces are cutesy, as you would expect from Disney, take the dalmatian leggings. Meanwhile other pieces, like the Cinderella leggings feature the characters and illustrate the story in a much more fashion-forward way, with the print delivered in triangular slots.

It’s no doubt a fantastical, heavily anticipated collection and for all the Disney lovers it’s a line that is going to be very hard to resist.

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