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Bikini’s And Nasty Gal-Great Combination

What does spring break and Nasty Gal have in common? Find out here!

Nasty Gal Swimwear

Source: Nasty Gal

Are you swim suit ready for spring break? In case you aren’t, you’re in luck, Nasty Gal has just launched their own brand of swimwear. An 18 piece assortment was launched on Tuesday which is available in solid white, black and red, they also plan to produce a wider choice of colors soon.

A good selling point is that the tops and bottoms can be purchased separately which can be mixed and matched to have a broader range of suits. They are definitely a suit (or bikini) of choice for the younger party gal who wants to show plenty of skin.

Depending on your budget, the suits price range varies from $40-$48 per piece and any spring breaker looking for a sexy bikini to soak up the sun, would be mad not to snatch these up. The line is available now to shop at


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