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It’s all about the do: Audrey Hepburn’s Beehive Makes Top Of The List For Most Iconic Hairstyles

Audrey Hepburn’s Breakfast at Tiffany’s Beehive tops the list for most iconic hairstyle. Check out the rest of the list here!

Audrey Hepburn

To celebrate Toni & Guy’s 50th Anniversary, a list was made of 50 of the most iconic hairstyles through this past half century with Audrey Hepburn’s character Holly Golightly topping the list with her elegant and of course iconic beehive hair-do.

In a close second came Elvis Presley’s thick black quiff, which would no doubt make the list. Pretty much all of the most iconic and memorable hairdo’s made the top 20, so the list hits the nail on the head picking out all the style’s through the years, but as for the rest of the list, it seems a few made it when they shouldn’t have and missing out some great do’s!

The top 20 see styles such as Marylin Monroe’s blonde curls, Twiggy’s Elfin cropped cut, John Travolta’s Grease Quiff and at number 20 Princess Leia’s “Cinnamon Buns”, which all qualify to be included in the list but as we go lower at number 23 is Holly Willoghby’s “long sleek curls” which of course look beautiful, but no offence intended, are her curls iconic across the globe?

Check out the list for yourself and let us know what you think, which ones have been left out and do you think they’ve been ranked fairly?

Top 50 Hairstyles

1.    Audrey Hepburn – Breakfast At Tiffany’s beehive

2.    Elvis Presley – Quiff

3.    Bob Marley – Dreadlocks

4.    Jennifer Aniston – The ‘Rachel’ cut

5.    Amy Winehouse – Beehive

6.    The Beatles – Mop tops

7.    Marilyn Monroe – Blonde curls

8.    Farrah Fawcett – Golden flicks

9.    Princess Diana – Feathered pageboy cut

10.   Brigitte Bardot – Messy bedhead look

11.   Twiggy – Elfin cropped cut

12.   John Travolta – Grease quiff

13.   Kate Middleton – Long, soft curls

14.   James Dean – High top, tight sides

15.   David Beckham – Blonde curtains

16.   Cher – Waist long straight hair

17.   Jackie Kennedy – Bouffant

18.    Halle Berry – Pixie cut

19.   Dita Von Teese – Retro glamour style

20.   Princess Leia – ‘Cinnamon’ buns

21.   David Beckham – Mohawk

22.   Bo Derek – Cornrows

23.   Holly Willoughby – Sleek long curls

24.   Sinead O’Connor – Shaved head

25.    Mia Farrow – Short pixie cut

26.    Diana Ross – Afro

27.    Victoria Beckham – The ‘Pob’

28.    George Clooney – Neat side parting

29.    Kurt Cobain – Messy grungy look

30.    Kylie Minogue – Perm

31.    Kevin Keegan – Mullet

32.    Julia Roberts – Long voluminous curls

33.    Harry Styles – Messy style

34.    Olivia Newton John – blonde curls ‘after’ style in Grease

35.    Eminem – bleach blonde

36.    Grace Jones – the flattop

37.    George Best – grown out mop top

38.    Raquel Welch – Big volume

39.    Zooey Deschanel – thick fringe

40.    Barbara Eden – I Dream Of Jeannie high ponytail

41.    Kate Moss – Blonde tousled waves

42.    Meg Ryan – The Shag

43.    Bjork – high knots

44.    Lady Gaga – big bow

45.    Tina Turner – Big volume

46.    Rihanna – The undercut

47.    Emma Bunton – Baby Spice bunches

48.    Sarah Jessica Parker – messy curls

49.    Alexa Chung – messy bob

50.    Queen Elizabeth – tight, perfectly coiffed curls

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