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ASOS Announces New Shipping Policy

ASOS’s long-time policy of free shipping is no longer such. Click here to find out changes made to their policy here.

Source: ASOS

Source: ASOS

The best thing about ASOS is undoubtedly the free worldwide shipping that has been in place for many years now. Come Wednesday, all that is gone as ASOS introduces their new policy.

Free shipping will only be available for purchases £15 and above. Anything less than that, and shipping will cost a hefty three pounds. And OK, most of us will probably get more than £15 worth of stuff whenever we shop, but sometimes, the urge to just get a scarf that costs less than that may strike.

Perhaps this is actually good news in order to curb our expenditures? Or maybe we’ve been taking free shipping for granted for far too long. After all, ASOS is one of the rare few sites that offer free shipping, but a minimum purchase of £15 isn’t asking too much. Returns, however, remain thankfully free.

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