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Armani Exchange’s Patrick Robinson Leaves Amid Plagiarism Rumours

The brands Creative Director has left his position and rumours are swirling that it is due to a design plagiarism controversy.

Source: Armani

Former creative director of Gap, Patrick Robinson has now too left his role as creative director of A\X Armani Exchange. The brand confimed this week that the designer has departed the label after over a years at the helm. Robinson who holds a long history with the brand; he previously worked with Giorgio Armani in the 90’s then was named Creative Director in March 2013, has denied that his exit was linked to rumours circling about design plagiarism.

The controversy ensued following an article by The New York Post alledging that a torc bracelet designed by Robinson bore a striking resembelence to a style by David Yurman, but an Armani Exchange spokesperson has fully denied these claims.

The bracelet was created for the men’s collection made from recycled bullets and guns, with the proceeds going towards Liberty United International, a non profit that raise awareness too and fight gun violence.

Source: Armani Exchange

“Patrick Robinson left the brand amicably several weeks ago,” a representative told Page Six. “His departure and this alleged claim of Yurman sending us a cease-and-desist letter are entirely unrelated.”

So perhaps we will have to wait and see if anymore details surrounding Robinson’s departure emerge to find out the real reason for his resignation.

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