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Angelina Jolie’s Make-Up Mishap

Angelina Jolie was spotted with what could be her worst ever make-up mishap! Find out more about the shocking look by clicking here.

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Having a wardrobe malfunction is one thing, but next on the list of things to go wrong at a high status event is your make-up. Angelina Jolie showed up to the premiere of Brad Pitt’s new drama, The Normal Heart with some rather blatant make-up issues.

Jolie isn’t one to look bad in public, she’s a natural beauty who is fantastic at looking good whatever the situation…but this may be a first! Although having attended countless amounts of red carpet events it must be by now a known thing that the translucent powder isn’t so invisible to HD cameras. They can see all!

It’s not so bad though, she is not alone, Angelina isn’t the first to fall victim to these powder issues as we’ve seen with Nicole Kidman and even Miley Cyrus recently. Tell us what you think of Angelia’s makeup mishap in the comment’s below.

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