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Angelina Jolie Behind The Makeup Scenes Of Maleficent

Angelina Jolie in Maleficent had a lot more work in make up than we all thought. Read here to find out about the behind the scenes of the Maleficent look.

Source: Hypable

Source: Hypable

Movie make up is often overlooked, the massive amounts of effort put in to create a look completely different to the actors takes time and effort which we can see with Angelina Jolie’s look in Maleficent. We already know that Jolie is a natural beauty so not much work is needed for her makeup, but for this film that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Disney were originally rather hesitant to even change Jolie’s look in the film as they would be covering her up, but after some persuasion they agreed with both Jolie and her makeup artists to use their artistic licence for the movie, which ended up with a great outcome.

Arjen Tuiten the man who applied Jolie’s daily make up and prosthetics spoke says “Disney were very nervous in the beginning. They were like, ‘Wait, what? Prosthetics on Angelina? Why are we covering her up?’ They were not very keen on it”. Maleficent in the film looks absolutely stunning yet with the subtle affects the character fully comes to life and reflects that of the original character in 1959.

To get those striking cheekbones Jolie had her own makeup artist Toni G along with special effects makeup master Rick Baker to create the right look. Arjen Tuiten also worked alongside the two makeup artists to create and apply the prosthetics. The whole process may have been time consuming, but the outcome is amazing. The contact lenses are also hand painted by contact lens artist Cristina Patterson, so although we may overlook some of the makeup in many films there is definitely so much more to it and the Maleficent make up team did extraordinarily well.

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