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American Apparel Kind Of Humour

American Apparel humour? More here.


Everyone loves a bit of a laugh. Some like irony, others hyperbolic and then there the blue jokes that are a little bit kinky.

In an American Apparel store located in SoHo a blue sense of humour may have been a bit too much for those out window shopping. Three mannequins appear in the shop front dressed in sheer lingerer with pointed breasts and out of control pubic hair. There has been a strange trend circling that’s making it okay to talk about such a sensitive topic but the soHo store has a very strange way of explaining their choice of um, “Do.”

The scene supposedly had a lot of thought put into the window, believe it or not, it wasn’t just created by some really lascivious sales assistant. Marketing Director Ryan Holiday commented, ”  “The display was created for that store specifically.”

He also passed along this statement: “American Apparel is a company that celebrates natural beauty, and the Lower East Side Valentine’s Day window continues that celebration. We created it to invite passerby’s to explore the idea of what is “sexy” and consider their comfort with the natural female form. This is the same idea behind our advertisements which avoid many of the photoshopped and airbrushed standards of the fashion industry. So far we have received positive feedback from those that have commented and we’re looking forward to hearing more points of view.” 

So apparently even pubic hair can be deep and meaningful, who would’ve known. Or as Gothamist smartly interpreted, its probably just another way and exude to sexualise women. When will they stop !

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