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Alexa Chung Talks All Things Style

Alexa Chung will be sitting down with Alexandra Shulman to talk about all things style

Source: fashionhoob

Source: fashionhoob

Alexa Chung is well known for how she looks and dresses, a perfect icon, so Vogue Editor Alexandra Shulman will be sitting down with Chung for a chat about everything style, which will also be open to the public to listen at the V&A Museum, of course however tickets will be limited.

Alexa is already a contributing editor to Vogue and three-tie cover girl, she has it all really and knows exactly what it takes to complete every look, she even has a Mulberry handbag named after her.

What is it that makes Alexa so enchanting? Shulman says she want to ask her “about how she chooses what to wear; how she has dealt with fame; how she feels about being famous for how she looks,” and later saying “I think people like Alexa’s style because it is accessible but not dull. She looks like she has a life to live, not as if she’s stepped out of a department store window.”

So if you want a peek into Alexa’s world and find out what her answers are to the piles of questions take a look here to get your ticket.

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