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5 Beauty Essentials To Take To Reading And Leeds

As Reading and Leeds creep closer, we give you the low-down on what you need to pack in your make-up bag…


For us, the idea of spending a summer in Britain without attending one of its many fabulous festivals is an alien concept. Overpriced arena alcohol and unpredictable British weather clichés aside, festivals are always an unforgettable experience, providing proof that great music and great company are really all you need in life.

If you’re reading this, chances are that you’re about to go to a festival and, despite our claims that friendship and music is all you need to have fun, you’re kind of questioning how ‘fun’ you’re going to feel after 5 days of cleansing your whole body with baby wipes. We’re not judging you – you have to look good to feel good, right? We have compiled a small selection of our festival must haves, all here for your perusal in good time for Reading and Leeds festivals later this month.

So go forth, embrace the mud, get grass stains all over your clothes and look gorgeous.

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