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Need To Book Your Summer Holiday? Here Are Five Picture-Perfect Places To Spend It

Your favorite bloggers, Instagram celebrities, and YouTubers have been there, should you?

Your favorite bloggers, Instagram celebrities, and YouTubers have been there – should you, too? If you haven't booked your summer holidays yet, you might want to check out this list before you do so. From Paris to Greece to Hawaii, here are the ultimate Instagram-worthy vacation spots that will, quite literally, 'feed your feed.'

New York

The city where everything happens. The Big Apple is a favorite spot for top bloggers and celebrities out there because that is where all the large corporations are located (it’s all business, ya know).

Writer’s note: Having spent 3 weeks in the city, I can guarantee that you will not get bored while you are there.

New York is an ever-evolving city, so it can be difficult to work out how to spend your time there; there are so many options. Central Park is a fantastic location for photography, as is Soho, where you can find hipster wall paintings of those colorful angel wings you always see on Instagram.

Besides, New York is the dream location spot for any foodie, because there are eating spots on every corner of the streets of Manhattan. You will not starve here, plus you have a chance to up your #foodgram game.

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