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Miley Cyrus Treats Us To Some Lovely Instagrams Of Her Armpits Getting Waxed

We were a surprised (or, rather, confused) by Miley Cyrus’ decision to document her hair removal on Instagram. Er, thanks for sharing!?

Sad times, guys: earlier this week, Miley Cyrus made the brave decision to remove the armpit hair she’d been nurturing since April.

While we all know that no celebrity enjoys oversharing quite as much as Miley does, we were a little taken aback by her decision to document the hair removal process on Instagram. Thanks, Miley, for putting us off our breakfasts!

Most us can relate to the horrors of waxing – whether you get it done at a salon or decide to torture yourself at home (we advise you to preserve your sanity and just stop doing it at home… it’s not worth it, girls) – so call us out if we’re wrong here, but it isn’t something we’d want to shout from the rooftops about. Miley Cyrus is on completely different level to us mere mortals, though, so who knows what goes on in her brain.

R.I.P P.I.T.

Images via Instagram

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