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How To Order Coffee Without Being A Dick

We hit the streets to find out baristas’ biggest gripes! Why are customers so annoying?!


For many of us, working in a coffee shop, restaurant, bakery or, indeed, any other eatery is a rite of passage, whether you’re a student needing some extra cash or you’re choosing to live the barista life full-time. Unfortunately, there’s always going to be that one customer who is going to make you want to scratch your eyes out. Whether it be the way they order coffee in a coffee shop, or the way they always want that one awkward product that you can’t find to save your life.

I spoke to several baristas from several coffee shops that make them literally want to ‘shut the front door.’  So without further ado, here are some of the most annoying things baristas have to deal with on a day-to-day basis…

‘When the customer pronounces the name of a drink wrong.’

A photo posted by Deepu Sasi (@iam__drs) on

Macchiato is pronounced mac-e-at-0, not match-ie-ito, FYI.

‘When they tell you they want their drink with ‘skinny milk’ when you’ve literally just finished making an all-fat coffee with cream. ‘

A photo posted by Melanie (@fit_by_melanie) on

Just why?!

‘When they try to order by simply saying, “I’d like a coffee please,” and expect you to be psychic.’

Babe, we have 15+ types of coffee. Take your pick.

‘When people come to the till and they’re on their phone during the whole time you’re serving.’

Bitch, please. I am a person too, you know.

‘When people get annoyed when you ask SO MANY QUESTIONS. I just want to make sure your drink is correct. Do you think I enjoy asking all these questions?!’

‘When people come in and request that we write ‘funny’ names on their cup.’

A photo posted by Louise (@its_lou_lou77) on

Call yourself what you like, be it Sassy Ass or Darth Vader – we don’t get paid enough to call weird ass names out.

‘When people order a drink with terminology from another coffee store.’

A photo posted by Roberta (@ertabee) on

That’s coffee wars right there.

‘No Starbucks don’t spell your name wrong on purpose. Do you know how many ways exist to spell ‘Amy?’

I mean, come on!

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