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Five Perfect Gifts To Buy For Yourself This Valentine’s (Because You’re Worth It)

Who needs a Valentine when you can be your own sweetheart, right?

V day collage

ASOS Valentine’s ‘Who Needs Love’ Oversized Tee

Lounging around on Valentine’s Day alone while all your friends are out on dates? There’s no time for tears when you have a witty tee like this to cheer you up. And let’s get real: a movie night on the couch doesn’t sounds that bad after all, anyway, right? With a manicure night in and some Channing Tatum action on TV, you should be good to go with this one.

Boys Tears 3D Iphone 6 Case

Going out this year with your girls? Treat yourself to a witty iPhone cover that will be a total conversation starter. Remember many single guys are crazy in the clubs – especially on Valentine’s Day – so this cover may be able to scare some of them off. Plus, it’s adorable for bathroom mirror selfies with your squad.

BigMouth Inc Ultimate Wine Bottle Glass

If you recently went through a breakup and are planning to spend the night drowning your sorrows, this might just be the perfect gift to give yourself. Why doesn’t everyone own one of these?

Single Ladies Dance Music Poster

If you love dancing away to Queen B, this is a gorgeous poster to buy for yourself that will look awesome on your wall – plus, a constant reminder of the Single Ladies moves means you’ll be ready to dance the night away on V-Day.

ASOS Valentine’s Socks With Dog Print

Finally, here’s one for all the girls out there who love their dog more than boys. Seriously, though, can we talk about how adorable these socks are?! These are perfect for a night in with your fluffy friend, watching cheesy movies and drinking wine. Single on Valentine’s Day, level 3000.


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