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Dealing With Depression: Our Top Tips for Self-Care

With one in six people affected by depression at some point in their lives, it’s nothing to be ashamed of. If you’re struggling with your mental health, here are our top tips for self-care.

It’s a common mental illness that gives people a constant low mood, low self-esteem and, gradually, a loss of interest in things they usually take pleasure in. Although the symptoms are the same, everyone is affected differently when it comes to depression and each individual has their own ways of dealing with the situation.

Depression can affect anyone at different stages in their lives, no matter what age, gender or race – or even if you’re rich or poor. One in 6 people can be hit with depression at any point in their life and numerous things can be a huge factor when diagnosed. There are many symptoms of depression, including (but not limited to) the following:

Low mood, sadness, guilt, no motivation, feeling helpless, loss of interest in things you enjoy, no energy, irritability, change in sleeping patterns, low self-esteem, low tolerance, avoiding contact with friends and family, suicidal thoughts and crying for no reason.

So dive into some of these top tips to self-help.

Distract yourself 

Take a walk, go shopping, exercise, clean or play your favourite video game. Whatever your forté is, embrace it and distract yourself. It will help take your mind off whatever’s upsetting you and help you to remember how much you loved doing that activity. Rachel Whiting commented: ‘Finding something you’re interested in to distract yourself is really helpful.’

Care for yourself 

Pamper yourself silly: go to the gym, enjoy face masks, shave, sleep… whatever self-care you need to do, do it! Nothing makes you feel better than knowing you’ve put a lot of time and care into not only your personal hygiene, but also your own smart, sexy appearance! Maintain a healthy sleeping pattern, too – it makes you feel fresh and awake, ready for the next day. Forget what everyone else thinks. If you feel confident in yourself, embrace it.

Seek help 

If you’re really struggling and need help, don’t be afraid to ask for it. There are plenty of people who are willing to help in a time of need, so you don’t need to feel alone. Friends and family will always be by your side, no matter what the situation may be (or how bad it may feel). If you don’t feel confident talking to them, there are plenty of other sources you can turn to. You can ring the Samaritans any time – they are there to listen and their services are fully confidential. NHS 111 can also be reached out-of-hours if you’re feeling unwell or are having suicidal/self-harming thoughts.

Reward yourself

Not feeling happy? Treat yourself. Accomplished something you’re really proud of? Treat yourself. Rewarding yourself is crucial and is a good way to complete your goals. For every achievement you complete, buy yourself something nice as a way of saying ‘well done.’ It may seem silly, but giving yourself gifts can be a perfect pick-me-up, especially to round off a busy week.

Not sure what to reward yourself with? The Blurt Foundation has a monthly subscription to a ‘buddy box.’ It’s basically a hug in a box, leaving you feeling so much better after receiving it. Each month, the box is filled with five mystery items that can offer people with depression a way to distract themselves. It’s a great pick-me-up and is something to look forward to. Lucy Chalk told us, “I got recommended the buddy box by a friend. I didn’t know much about the charity but I think it’s a great. It’s something to look forward to every month and the contents in the box aim to keep a positive outlook which is great.”

Break the cycle of negativity

This certainly is easier said than done, but once you break the cycle of negativity you’ll soon be on the mend and feel like yourself again. Being negative with yourself can be one of many reasons you’re feeling sad, leaving you feeling like the world’s against you. Positive thinking can change everything and will help you to pursue your ambitions and achieve your goals.  The sooner you cut negativity out of your life, the sooner your life will be on track.

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