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Caitlyn Jenner Barbie Dolls… Coming To A Toy Shop Near You?!

Ooh! An image has been circulating of a Barbie-sized Caitlyn Jenner doll. Could this be real?! Find out more here.

jenner doll

Get ready, guys… there is now a Caitlyn Jenner doll! Yes, you read that correctly – an image of a Barbie-sized doll, modelled on Caitlyn’s Vanity Fair cover look, has been spreading like wildfire around Twitter.

The doll is wearing the Vanity Fair outfit, with the silk bodice, red lipstick and amazingly voluminous hair which we’re all pretty envious of. The front of the box quotes Jenner: “I’m not doing this to be interesting, I’m doing this to live.”

Thanks to stars like Jenner, there is now a lot more acceptance surrounding the thriving LGBT community. The blogger Gender Mom recently uploaded a blog post about her daughter meeting Orange is the New Black star Laverne Cox, who told her: “Remember, honey, transgender is beautiful.” Which is so true, thankfully there is a lot more acceptance from the general public.

We’re yet to discover whether the doll is on sale or whether it was just made by a fan. We think it’s a great idea, anyway; we’re sure that if something like this were to go on sale it would bring more confidence to other people out there struggling with their own self-identity issues.

Images via Twitter


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