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A Festival Packing Guide for Beginners

Heading off to your first festival this summer? Check out this handy packing list of festival essentials to guide you before you go.


If you’re going to break your festival virginity this summer, it’s always handy to read other people’s tips that they ‘ve learnt along the way to help you to prepare for your own experiences. I’ve been to quite a few music festivals and I always learn something new each time, so I like to think I’m pretty knowledgeable when it comes to living in a field for a few days. To get you started, I’ve put together a list of must-have items for your weekend bag.

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Well, obviously. Wellies are an absolute must when it comes to festival  footwear, being both comfortable and waterproof. Until you have to deal with it yourself, you don’t realise how crap having cold, wet feet for consecutive days can make you feel.

Hand Sanitiser

For the minging toilet trips and all-round nastiness that goes hand-in-hand with a festival. Getting ill is not what you need during the post-festival comedown – or during the festival – so do your best to stay germ-free.


For those all-important outfit shots, short bursts of film and festival moments. A camera only takes up a tiny amount of space in your bag, so there’s no excuse not to bring one along.

Portable Charger

Portable chargers are a lifesaver. They’re essential for giving your phone some extra juice after all the Snapchatting and panicked ‘Where are you?’ texts to your mates. And for all the hates, it’s 2016, so, no, we’re totally not willing to ditch our phones for 4 days…

Checked Flannel Shirt

As overexposed as they may be, checked flannel shirt are hands-down the most universal piece of clothing at a festival. Use yours as a shirt, but also a cardi, a headscarf and a nifty little blanket for when you park your bum on the grass.

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Although we long for sunshine at a festival, it doesn’t often happen. However, even if it is raining, being outside all day can mean that you may still feel the need sunnies even if its cloudy. If all else fails, they’re a dream at covering up tired eyes.


It may feel uncomfortable carrying cash, but most of the food and drink stalls will still only take cards if you’re spending over a certain amount, if at all. It’s always best to carry some cash around with you.


A bumbag or backpack makes life so much easier when carrying waterproofs, a scarf, a hat and jumper to save you constantly having to go back to the campsite to get changed.

Something to Sit On

Even if it looks really sunny, the ground can still be quite wet. It’s handy to have something waterproof to sit on.

A Poncho

Sometimes even waterproofs won’t hold. When this happens, put your faith in a poncho. They’re so light and easy to pack, and they keep you amazingly dry as they cover your whole outfit.

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Although the loo rolls get topped up in the mornings, by early evening (OK, more like early afternoon) it’s usually all gone. I always keep a packet of tissues in my bag to ensure I’m never caught short.

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