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6 Life Lessons We Learned From Watching Napoleon Dynamite

Napoleon Dynamite is one of #TheCloset’s all-time favourite films. Having watched the film one too many times it’s become clear that there are some truly valuable life lessons to be learned when watching it.


Napoleon Dynamite is one of #TheCloset's all-time favourite films. There’s no sex, no violence, no cursing and not much really happens, but, let's face it, it’s one of the best cult movies EVER made.

Having watched the film one too many times (not that we know the lines off by heart or anything...) it's become clear that there are some truly valuable life lessons to be learned whilst watching it. So, pay attention and soon your life will be as great as Napoleon's.

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True friends will always be there

This might sound cheesy but it’s hella true. This movie is great for it’s simplicity in showing that in life crappy things do happen, but you just have to pick yourself up and have faith in the ones around you. Stop with the frowning and just carry on. True friends will almost always forgive you, and in this case will put themselves at risk of looking the a fool to help you win your election.

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