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5 Health Habits That Are Pretty Much Impossible to Break

Living healthily is a lot easier said than done, but it’s amazing how even the tiniest of changes can benefit your health in the long run.

Keep yourself feeling fresh with water throughout the day.

Keep yourself feeling fresh with water throughout the day.

Being healthy is a lot easier said than done. With unhealthy snack options in almost every shop, on top of fast-food stores littering town and city centres, it’s becoming harder and harder for consumers to choose health over ease.

However, there are ways the two can be combined, all of which require minimal effort.

  1. The first step to being healthier is to concentrate on your diet. If you consume a lot of unhealthy food and drink, your energy levels are going to be low, which will leave you feeling lethargic and grumpy! Swapping fizzy drinks for flavoured water is a great way to still feed a sweet tooth, while also being healthier. In the same way, swap junk snacks like chocolate bars and crisps for fruit – it’s a no-brainer!

    The key to maintaining a healthy diet is to find healthy food that YOU like to eat… otherwise you simply won’t eat it!

Healthy eating isn't as bad as it seems if you find things you enjoy!

Healthy eating isn’t as bad as it seems if you find things you enjoy!

  1. Once you’ve worked out what healthy alternatives you’re swapping your junk food with, it’s time to concentrate on exercise. The same principles apply here: you need to find something that you will enjoy, be it joining a local exercise class, going to the gym or even simply jogging around the neighbourhood. Being healthy doesn’t have to be expensive. Something to remember is to not overdo it. Every little bit helps, so whether you want to do it once a day or once a week, stick at it at your own pace.
  1. Keep hydrated…always. Water is a vital part of survival, so don’t get into thinking that you only need to drink it when exercising. Keep your thirst quenched all day, every day by keeping a bottle of still water with you at all times. Not only will it keep your insides happy and healthy, but your skin will stay soft, smooth and blemish free. Water is amazing.
  1. Find what’s right for you. Everyone is different – when it comes to health, it’s essential to remember this. People enjoy different things, so in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle you should find what you like best. Be aware that this may be different to others, and that it may change over time.
  1. And finally…treat yourself! Going every minute of every day being purely healthy will definitely get boring, so don’t expect that to be the case (although credit to those who actually manage to live like this… just HOW?!). Give yourself one day a week where you relax, eat a bit (not too much!) of junk and take a bit of time off. If you really are working hard to follow the four steps above, then this one will be well deserved! Enjoy yourself.

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