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12 Hilarious Quotes In The New Fifty Shades Of Grey Book

BDSM fans rejoice, the new Fifty Shades Of Grey book is here and this time it’s written in the perspective of Christian Grey.

Fifty Shades of Gray

BDSM fans rejoice, the new Fifty Shades Of Grey book is here and this time it’s written from the perspective of Christian Grey.

Equipped with enough rope, belts and toys to last 500-plus pages, there’s no denying that E.L. James’ wordplay has divided the nation, once again.

Whereas some are ogling over her colourful language discreetly on their Kindle, others are detesting the series with all their heart. C’mon, no matter how much you fancy Jamie Dornan, Grey is loathsome pig in some chapters.

But whatever your preference, we can all agree that in-between the erotica, there are more than enough cringe-worthy sentences that will have you cackling in your seat, as opposed to doing whatever you’re suppose to be doing whilst reading a Fifty Shades novel. Here are 12 of the most hilarious quotes from Grey.

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“This is my favourite tea,” she says, and I revise my mental note that it’s Twinings English Breakfast tea she likes. I watch her dunk the teabag in the teapot. It’s an elaborate and messy spectacle.

There’s nothing like wooing a girl with a strong brew before tying her up.

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