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Could A Band Reunion Convince Micheal Eavis To Put On Glastonbury 2018?

What band-reunion could force Michael Eavis u-turn on Glastonbury’s fallow year? Let’s take this seriously and think about it logically; it could save 2018!

Source: Glastonbury’s Facebook Page

It’s still too hard to accept there’s not going to be a Glastonbury 2018 as the festival is set to have a fallow year.

Leaving the fields, the only thing the festival-goers hold on to is the thought of returning to them magical fields. Unfortunately, this year they can’t think that, can they?

In a recent interview with The Guardian, Michael Eavis sparked the dedicated Glasto-goers into a frenzy. After admitting he’s regretting the decision to stop the festival for a fallow and mentioned: “one band I want to reform – if they reform, I’ll change my mind.”

One band now has one, if not, the greatest festival in the world by the balls, and we’re not sure who they are. Eavis did add: “It’s not One Direction,” which isn’t surprising but ticks one of the lists of who the fuck is it?

Let’s think about this logically; it’s not going to be Robbie Williams back in Take That, or Spice Girls is it. Realistically, it’ll be a reform from a band that had one of the messiest break-ups of all time; Oasis.

Liam Gallagher was warmly welcomed on the Pyramid Stage this weekend. Although people enjoyed his new material, the best reception he received – unsurprisingly – came when he smashed out some old school Oasis tunes. How annoying is it that our Glastonbury Festival 2018 could be decided if Liam Gallagher says sorry? Imagine the odds on that.

Realistically, is this reunion going happen? Liam and Noel still haven’t squashed their beef, and it’s doubtful their egos will allow them, even if they whole of Glastonbury is relying on them. Although nothing is impossible, but really can you see Eavis pull this off?

One thing is for sure, Liam Gallagher holds grudges. See why one of our writers hates Liam Gallagher and why he hates him back.

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