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Confirmed: There Will Be No Glastonbury 2018!

Glastonbury-goers will be travelling home talking about how they’re excited for next year. There’s just one problem: Glastonbury 2018 will never happen!

Source: Glastonbury’s Official Facebook Page

After another fantastic festival, Glastonbury-goers will be travelling home talking about how they’re already excited for Glastonbury 2018. There’s just one problem: Glastonbury 2018 will never happen!

Unfortunately, next year you will not be rolling around in the mud or exploring Shangri-La or pissing on the back of someone’s leg at the Pyramid Stage. Reason being, 2018 will be “a fallow year” for Glastonbury Festival. The organisers confirmed, “in order to give the farm, the village and the festival team the traditional year off.”

Every six years, Glastonbury has a break from the hundreds of thousands of people and the last one back in 2012. The year when we thought we were all going to die, and had no chance of one final blowout – thanks Glasto, we won’t forget that!

Leading up to this year’s Glastonbury, rumours circulated around the festival leaving the motherland of Worthy Farm. Suggestions were made that they would move to Longleat Park in Wiltshire, but it all fell through due to site’s grounds not being up to scratch. However, they did announce the organisers will be putting on a festival in the midlands called The Variety orthyBizaare, but that’s not planned until 2021. Realistically, we have to wait until 2019 before we can party in the fields again.

The only thing for certain is that next year we will have a huge hole in our plans and hearts. Glastonbury has become a massive milestone to many people’s year, but unfortunately, it won’t be for everyone’s 2018. Instead, we can look up and down the country for other alternatives and may be able to visit multiple festivals for the same price you would spend just at Glastonbury. Just goes to show how lucky we are to have something as big as Glastonbury in our back garden and then have a huge range of choices if you don’t snatch a rare ticket.

While at this year’s festival, did you manage to find any of the 5 hidden secrets at Glastonbury?

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